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A new play with songs, initially written for the inaugaral Dundee Fringe (2021) by Taylor Dyson and Calum Kelly.


Eilidh and Scott were best friends, they thought that they were going to run away to London when they finished school and hit the big time in the Indie Music scene. But 12 years have passed, they're both about to turn 30 and they haven't spoken to eachother in all this time. Cue Scott travelling back to Dundee on the megabus with nothing but a guitar and a couple of quid for a Scotch Peh...And Eilidh just so happens to work in a bakery.  

A fresh perspective on what it's like being working class, approaching 30 and things not being where you wanted them to be. A play about friendship, dreams lost, hope found with a blend of original music, storytelling and comedy.

Pushin' Thirty at A Play, A Pie and A Pint (2024)

As part of the 'emerging writers' season, Pushin' Thirty was co-produced by Traverse Theatre and The Gaiety. Directed by Beth Morton, and performed by Taylor Dyson and Sam James Smith, Pushin' Thirty recieved 5 and 4 star reviews, with sold out shows at the Oran Mor and sold out runs at Traverse and Gaiety. 

"Elfie Picket have a way of turning out memorable and unlikely productions, and this one feels no different. It surprises the viewer at every turn, while never faltering from its unique mixture of humour and thoughtful character studies. The play glides intimately through Dundee, another staple of the group’s productions, fondly chronicling the city’s beauty and weirdness." 

                              Sam Goncalves - The Skinny (Review for Pushin' Thirty)



★★★★★ - The Skinny 

★★★★- The Stage

★- Corr Blimey


★-Boquets and Brickbats


Director: Beth Morton

Assistant Director: Katie Slater

Designer: Gemma Patchett

Photographer: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

Actors: Taylor Dyson and Sam James Smith

Musical Director: Calum Kelly

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