About Taylor & Calum



Taylor Dyson is a performer and theatre maker based in Dundee. She graduated from MLitt Theatre and Performance Practices at The University of Glasgow in 2018.

Taylor's work focuses on Scots langauge, spoken word and social issues. She wrote her debut show Ane City which was perfomed at Prague Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe in 2019. She has performed as a spoken word artist and as an actor most recently in The Union & The Crown (2020) and NHS Tayside's film for school students Trapped. (2021). 

Taylor recently recieved  Creative Scotland funding for her new play, Dolly Parton Saved My Life (2021) for 2 weeks of R&D where she led the project and performed. 



Calum Kelly is a playwright, director and performer based in Dundee.

He graduated from MLitt Playwriting and Dramaturgy from The University of Glasgow in 2018 and co-founded Elfie Picket Theatre with his partner, Taylor. 

Calum wrote and directed The Parable of Lysistrata, a Scots adaptation of the Greek comedy which he debuted at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. He has directed Ane City for the Prague Fringe 2019, Edinburgh Festival Fringe as winner of Assembly Roxy's ART Award, The Union & The Crown in 2019 as part of Assembly Roxy's Season of Protest and in Dundee, 2020. He has recently directed Elfie Picket's new project Dolly Parton Saved My Life (2021) and will be working with Knight's Theatre later in the year directing Ewan MacColl Manchester Rambler.