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a one wummin' play, by Taylor Dyson

music/directed by Calum Kelly

ANE CITY  is Elfie Picket Theatre's debut production. Written by Taylor Dyson and Directed by Calum Kelly. The one-woman coming-of-age story focuses on a working class girl from Dundee's story of a life-altering night out with her friends. Using a blend of storytelling, spoken word and a live score of music to create a contemporary story. Join Tay on a night oot tae remember in the city o' discover as she navigates being back in her hometown everything begins to fall apart as her friends have moved on, her sister doesn't care and clingy ex boyfriend won't leave her alone. Tay wants to retreat to her fantasy world of poetry, ABBA and Old Hollywood but she has tae face up to her situation. 

We have performed at the 2019 Prague Fringe Festival, previewing Ane City for 5 nights at the Cafe Club Misenska.

We also won the 2019 ART Award, allowing us to perform a full run at Assembly Roxy during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We received 5 and 4 star reviews for Ane City and fantastic audience feedback.

In 2023 we performed to a near sold oot audience at Dundee Rep Theatre on the mainstage. 

We have a full film of Ane City- filmed by Lu Kemp at Dundee Rep for enquiries email

Ane City Review Quotes 

"Taylor Dyson utilizes an impressive array of theatrical skills to turn the everyday worries of young adult life "- Prague Fringe Review FRINGE RECOMMENDED SHOW

*****- One4Review

"Taylor Dyson is quite simply another fine example of the rich vein of Scottish spoken word performers " ***** - Everything Theatre 

"Having sought out pieces at the Edinburgh Fringe which enable female voices to be heard, Ane City delivered. Exploring the feeling of belonging beyond a place of home and into identity, Ane City successfully focuses on the need for the working class and women to live without limitation." An Organised Mess

**** - The Wee Review

"a fascinating subtext about the challenges facing a working-class woman who wants to break away from her background." - The Scotsman

"Ane City is an engaging and empathetic consideration of the fluidity of home and belonging. Both love letter and hate mail to the city that spawned it, Ane City offers an authentic reflection of contemporary Scotland." - The List 


"Ane City has a fabulous pace to it with a performance that was an absolute joy to behold...The use of Scot’s language throughout and the authentic and relative nature of the show makes this a must see in my opinion for any student that enjoys theatre. If you’ve never been to see a theatre show before, this is a perfect place to start!" The Edit 

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