ANE CITY  is Elfie Picket Theatre's first production. Written by Taylor Dyson and Directed by Calum Kelly. The one-woman coming-of-age story focuses on a working class girl from Dundee's story of a life-altering night out with her friends. Using traditional Scottish storytelling to create a contemporary story- we gain insight into the mind of a disillusioned poet searching for her place in life. Poetry, live music, ABBA, Bette Davis and Rabbie Burns help Tay on her journey o' a night oot in the 'City o' Discovery.'


We have performed at the 2019 Prague Fringe Festival, previewing Ane City for 5 nights at the Cafe Club Misenska.

We also won the 2019 ART Award, allowing us to perform a full run at Assembly Roxy during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. We received 5 and 4 star reviews for Ane City and fantastic audience feedback.


Ane City will be on at Dundee Rep Theatre March 17 at 7pm - tickets and more information at www.dundeerep/anecity

Hopefully we will have more Ane City dates to share with you soon!


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