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A brand new nicht o' celebrating Scots Leid in Dundee, through performance. Music, Poetry, Storytelling and mair! Join us as we bring two special guest performers tae The Keiller Centre- Sweet Venues and we hae a nicht o' fun and laughter. There's an open mic an aa' sae bring yer favourite sang or poyum tae perform!

Co-Production with Sweet Productions.


BLETHER: Artists, get involved!

Oor guests sae far have included twa Dundee street poets - Mark Richardson and Mark Thomson. Local storyteller and writer, Erin Farley, local Scots singer Lynne Campbell, award winning Doric poet, Shane Strachan and theatre maker/poet/singer Morna Burdon. If yir interested in performing at BLETHER please get in touch via oor email or social media and send us yir stuff or better yet come alang and hae a wee blether and perform at the open mic! Artists are paid a small fee for a 20 minute set o' their existing work. Dinna feel lik' yir nae Scots enough- aabdy is welcome, we want an inclusive and welcomin' environment for fowk. 

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